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Introductie ExtAngular

Webinar live of op aanvraag: donderdag 14 maart 2019

About this webinar
Learn about Sencha’s newest release, ExtAngular: the most comprehensive set of components for Angular apps. Now you can quickly and easily add any of our 115+ professionally tested and supported components including grid, tree grid, pivot grid, charts, D3 visualizations, trees, calendar, buttons, menus and more to your Angular applications.

With ExtAngular, all of the components are designed to work together seamlessly which eliminates time-consuming integration work and reduces ongoing maintenance burdens. Attend this webinar and you will learn how to:

- Build data-intensive, cross-platform web apps leveraging Sencha components and Angular. 
- Build immersive user engagement using layouts and adaptive design features. 
- Leverage material design and other themes to save time and effort. Modify or extend themes without writing a single line of code.