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6 - 8 juni 2017

Online RAD Mobile Boot Camp: dinsdag 6 juni 2017

You would learn mobile if you could parse through all the books, semi-helpful tutorials, and other scattered resources, but who has the time. Problem solved. The RAD Mobile Boot Camp covers everything you need to know to take your application development mobile.

Get ready for the RAD Mobile Boot Camp. 
Isn’t it about time?
Classes will be held over 3 days covering mobile application development and proper service architectures on 06, 07 and 08 June.
Details of the powerful tools you will soon wield like a mobile pro:
FireMonkey with FireUI and Platform Services gives you a great productive platform to build your mobile cross-platform application. The smart styles automatically adapt to the platform specific look and feel for both iOS and Android. Sometimes you need to access platform specific APIs or nuances unique to the platform. Delphi and C++Builder make this easy too.
App Tethering lets you extend your desktop application to mobile sharing data and functionality across platforms. And of course you need to access your data in the cloud or over the internet. RAD Server, Datasnap, Backend As a Services and the REST Client Libraries give you everything you need to deal with data on the go.
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Register for Tues, 06 June 2017
FireMonkey, the FireUI and Platform Services

CDT (US and Canada) 08:00 AM
BST (London, Lisbon) 14:00
CEST (Berlin, Rome) 15:00
AEST (Sydney) 23:00


Register for Wed, 07 June 2017
Platform specifics for iOS and Android 

CDT (US and Canada) 01:00 PM
BST (London, Lisbon) 19:00
CEST (Berlin, Rome) 20:00
AEST (Sydney) 04:00




Register for Thurs, 08 June 2017
Creating and consuming REST Services and Service Oriented Architectures

CDT (US and Canada) 07:00 PM
BST (London, Lisbon) 01:00
CEST (Berlin, Rome) 02:00
AEST (Sydney) 10:00