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Delphi Tracks met Marco Cantù en Andrea Magni

SDN EVENT: vrijdag 9 december 2016

Op 9 december organiseert de SDN weer een evenement in Zeist met daarin diverse Delphi Tracks die worden verzorgd door Delphi Product Manager Marcu Cantù en Delphi MVP Andrea Magni.

Sessie overzicht:

Delphi Today and Tomorrow - door Marco Cantù
In this session, Delphi Product manager Marco Cantu will make an assessment of where Delphi is today, its recent evolution, and the plans for the near future. The session will highlight the core features of the product, along with their directions.

MARS-Curiosity: a REST library for Embarcadero Delphi - door Andrea Magni
MARS-Curiosity is an open source library to build REST application servers and clients in Delphi. It provides developers a clean, easy way to build a standard REST API (to be consumed by any Delphi or non Delphi technology out there, web technologies included) with the addition of some very Delphi-oriented features like design time support and FireDAC integration to take advantage when building Delphi clients for Delphi servers (mobile or desktop).
This session will provide an overview of the library and will show some practical demos.

Windows 10 from WinRT to Centennial - door Marco Cantù
In this session Marco will explore the main features in Delphi's RTL, VCL and IDE specifically related with Windows 10. We'll explore new VCL controls for Windows 10 UI, the low level support for WinRT, and the ability to distribute applications as .appx packages using the Windows Desktop Bridge (aka Centennial) on the Windows 10 Store.

TFrameStand: build stunning UI with TFrames - door Andrea Magni
Especially on mobile, visual continuity and beautiful transitions are a must for each developer!
Learn how to use TFrameStand to easily split your app in several frames and have a chance to orchestrate transitions and effects with no effort.
This technology (open-source and available through GetIt) has proven its effectiveness in real use applications and it strongly simplifies mobile development with Delphi.
This session will provide an overview of the library and will show some practical demos.

Publishing Delphi Mobile Apps in Stores - door Marco Cantù
This session focused on practical tips taken from the direct experience Marco did publishing a mobile (FireMonkey) application in the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore for Android and iOS. From versioning to delivery tips, from issues with local files to advertising ideas, the session is all focused on direct experience -- for the good and the bad.

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