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Great Scott! Dealing with New Datatypes

Webinar - 10 november'15: woensdag 11 november 2015

 Great Scott!

11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern

Data modeling is going back to the future! No, it doesn’t include a hoverboard (yet), but it does include some new datatypes that capture temporal and spatial information. In the past, datatypes were used to classify various types of data, whether integers, characters, or alphanumeric strings. With the technologies introduced in recent years, these basic datatypes can’t address everything – data modelers now need more specialized datatypes for specific needs and new formats.

Multiple database platforms have introduced new datatypes that can make it easier to support more advanced data concepts in physical data models. If you do not know about what new things are happening in the physical data modeling world, or what to do with them, Karen Lopez will discuss using a variety of new datatypes including:

  • Temporal, such as period, with keywords
  • Spatial, including geospatial
  • Others, incorporating JSON/BSON/UBJSON usage