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Performance, visibility and insight

Webinar: DBArtisan 2016 and Rapid SQL 2016: maandag 28 september 2015

DBArtisan and Rapid SQL 2016 are here! -- Join the Revolution!



Revolutionary new performance solution called Performance IQ that you must see.

Put an end to siloed database development and administration
Historically, DBAs and developers have worked in highly siloed environments which don't facilitate shared knowledge and resources. With new DB Team Server in DBArtisan and Rapid SQL 2016, you get the shared resources, analytics communication and collaboration links that have been completely in database tools - an industry first!

Introducing Performance IQ
Other DBMS performance products provide comprehensive metrics on databaseperformance. However simply showing metrics is no longer good enough. NEW Performance IQ provides a deep investigative probe into the underlying causes of theperformance degradation and visually highlights the root causes. Alerts and hints are integrated seamlessly across DB Artisan and Rapid SQL features that you already use.

Join the Revolution and Get Started Today

Key Enhancements for DBArtisan and Rapid SQL 2016 with Performance IQ:

  • Embedded Performance Metrics & Analytics
  • SQL Analytics
  • 24/7 Wait-based Monitoring & Alerting
  • Streamlined Communication and Knowledge Sharing with DB Team Server

Register for the launch webinar on Monday, 28 September 2015
08:00 San Francisco | 11:00 New York | 16:00 London | 17:00 Berlin | 18:00 Istanbul
to learn more and see the new features for this release!

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