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Ontwikkel een complete Windows + mobile + webservice + cloud oplossing in 1 dag

Delphi LIVE Tutorial - March 12 - Brussels: donderdag 12 maart 2015

Unique and free event on March 12 in Brussels! We will show you how to build a Windows and mobile app with database, webservice and cloud storage in Delphi XE7!

Barnsten and Embarcadero have the pleasure to invite you for an inspiring and instructive day with Danny Wind (Delphi MVP) and Pawel Glowacki (Embarcadero Delphi Team Lead). They will show you how to build a VCL application including a mobile Android app working with a middle tier via a webservice (Using Delphi EMS on the Amazon Network and FireDAC) and a Cloud storage.

During this special day we will demonstrate to you in a clear and structured way how you can build such a solution yourself with your Delphi software. The demonstrations are full of useful tips and tricks and clear explanations. The robust Delphi platform offers you an unprecedented number of solutions for the future and you will be amazed to see all the possibilities.

The application which will be developed is a Warehouse Application for auction items. In addition a VCL server application is build as backend using the Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) and REST.

Also an Android camera app is being developed so the users can add photo's of the auction items via Bluetooth LE. The code for the connection between the Warehouse Application and the REST Server will be written and Bluetooth LE is added to the VCL application.

During lunch you will get the opportunity to install the Android auction app on your Android device. After lunch the app is further developed and you will be able to start bidding on the auction items. We will show you how the parallel code is being used to make the app fast and responsive.

After the app is finished the monitoring desktop app is created to be able to see the auction biddings and details. This will have e.g. a count down timer, a photo of the item, a list of bidders and a list of prices offered. We will close the session by showing the full functioning app with a live audience bidding (for free) on the shown items. 

The sessions of Pawel and Danny will be English. The day of the event is March 12 in Brussels (Van der Valk). The day starts at 10:00 and ends around 16:30. The day is including coffee/tea and a lunch. 

Eventbrite - Free Delphi LIVE Tutorial - Develop a complete Windows + mobile + webservice + cloud solution in 1 day


Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport
4 Culliganlaan
1831 Machelen