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Delphi 10.2.3 Tokyo Community Edition

Shared free of charge with our community of freelance developers, startups, students and non-profits, Delphi Community Edition is a full featured IDE for building iOS, Android, Windows and macOS apps from a single Delphi codebase (limited commercial use license). Delphi Community Edition includes a code editor, powerful debugging tools, built-in access to popular local databases with live data at design time, Bluetooth and IoT capabilities and a visual UI designer with support for pixel perfect, platform specific styling.

Start Building Apps Today with Delphi Community Edition

  • Delphi Community Edition provides you with integrated and professional-level developer tools from Day 1
  • Develop Windows, macOS, Android and iOS applications with a single codebase
  • Visual Design using the Delphi VCL and FireMonkey frameworks
  • Built-in Debugging Tools that allow you to debug on any device
  • Build database apps with local/embedded capabilities
  • Hundreds of included components to enhance your app and reduce development cycles
  • Licensed for use until your individual revenue from Delphi applications or company revenue reaches $5,000 US or your development team expands to more than 5 developers


The best part? When your application or business takes off, you don’t have to learn new tools or port code from various toolsets. Start working right away with your existing codebase in any of our paid editions while gaining access to additional capabilities.



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Delphi 10.2.3 Tokyo Community Edition

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Delphi 10.2.3 Tokyo Community Edition