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Includes the best-in-class VCL Grid, the printing library so you can export and print data, the Layout Manager so you can build fully-customizable Card Views and the DevExpress Application-Wide Skins so you can deliver stunning user interfaces.

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ExpressQuantumGrid™ Suite Presents data as Table View, Contact View, Banded Table View or Chart View. Master-Detail display is available. Includes over 70 data editors for use in bound and unbound mode.

ExpressPrinting System™ Allows Delphi and C++Builder developers to bring their UI to the printed page.
ExpressLayout Control™ Form layout customization control allowing you to easily arrange controls and make them automatically resizeable with the container.
ExpressSkins™ Library Application-wide skinning library providing cutting-edge look and feel options inspired by popular software products as well as unique skins designed by DevExpress.

Within 12 months from the date of purchase, you are guaranteed to receive all updates for included products.


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