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februari 2018

​Delphi Meetup in The Netherlands

By Margreet van Muyden 14 februari 2018 651 Views No comments

Last Tuesday we kicked off with our first Delphi Meetup.

The Meetup was organized in conjunction with customer Ultraware and we were invited in their office in Assen in the north of The Netherlands. About 25 Delphi developers joined this Meetup.

After the warm welcome in the meeting area of the building we went up to the presentation room where one of their developers - André Mussche - showed us how to use the new protocol gRPC (protobuffer) where data minimalisation and realtime communication are key. The communication is realized on the basis of fixed defined contract and are bi-directional. gRPC is based on a contract with cross platform libraries and therefore universal. We learned about the use of this protocol with the strong combination of Golang and Delphi! Google for example is using this protocol themselves in Google Speech. We see more and more how important speech recognition is in software applicationsand it was great to see how you can add this extra dimension to your existing or new Delphi applications.

Techniques he used were gRPC: realtime bidirectional streaming (http2 with websockets as fallback, compact data with protobuffer, streaming Google Speech demo: intermediate results during talking, incl. an Android app demo, Delphi server + client implementation, etc. and that was fun!

After his presentation it was time for coffee and tea again and we went to the meeting room where Serge de Mul - owner of Ultraware - told us more about the one overarching control system they developed for their building. This system works together with all existing systems like ventilation, heating, lighting and security systems. When the office is not used or even when a room is empty all power is switched off by this system. A energy saving of 90% as a result.

Jeroen Pluimers was the second presenter and his subject was Security.
Security is a hot item, privacy laws are changing and becoming stricter. Jeroen told us how to use software and protocols in a secure way. How important the setup of your servers and data is.Every protocol has his own specific pitfalls in terms of safety and it is important to be aware of this during your application development. He showed a library of a SFTP-protocol he wrapped himself to use within Delphi. Because we all know - data leaks are fatal.

After this presentation it was Pizza time! And a great moment for everyone to talk to each other, share ideas and have fun.

With special thanks to Ultraware for their hospitality.