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Article : Delphi iOS ou Mac Développement

Pas de Mac, pas de problème

You want to start developing great iOS/Mac OS X  Apps with Delphi XE4 but you don’t have a Mac machine yet?

No worries, you can use Mac in the Cloud service and start your App Development!

This is how JT from Embarcadero used Mac in the Cloud:

I found a great resource for those of you trying out iOS support in XE4. macincloud.com offers rental time of Mac hardware online. Yesterday, I setup an account. Installed Platform Assistant into my account (actually I had to ask them to install it for me via the .pkg we make available online). Once it was installed, I ran PA Server, grabbed my IP address of that machine, setup a connection in RAD Studio,  built and deployed a Simulator targeted app, and voila! Very cool service.

Go here for more information about Mac in the Cloud.
Go here for the Special Offer for Embarcadero RAD Studio Developers 

You can download the Delphi XE4 trial version here