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Case Study : Delphi used in Film and Animation Industry

Stop Motion Pro uses Delphi to deliver stop motion animation software to film production companies around the world


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Stop Motion Pro is the world leading software for filming stop motion animation and is used by animators worldwide to improve the quality and speed of producing an animation. With more than 10 years of constant refinement, Stop Motion Pro pioneered the integration of camera technology and computer-based workflow that transformed analogue film processing to digital processing, saving film production companies thousands of dollars and speeding up the production process from days to hours.

Stop Motion Pro was founded by Ross Garner and Paul Howell eleven years ago.

Wallace and GromitUsing Embarcadero Delphi as their development tool of choice, Stop Motion Pro has evolved to be the leader in the Stop Motion Animation space. The application has been widely used in the entertainment film industry including Academy Award ® winning film makers, Aardman Animations who filmed Wallace and Gromit using Stop Motion Pro. “When we took Stop Motion Pro to Aardman Studio to make their films and TV commercials, they couldn’t believe how economical and efficient it was to actually produce their animated films, saving them tens of thousands of pounds,” Ross Garner says.

Pirates Band of MisfitsThe new Pirates! Band of Misfits film has also been created using Stop Motion Pro which is the most elaborate stop motion feature film in history. “The dependable features, and superior animation visualization tools, found in Stop Motion Pro provided the Aardman animators with instant feedback as they create the animation,” Ross added.

The fast turn-around of delivering feature requests combined with an arsenal of tools and components that you can exploit to meet dynamic customer demands are some of the many benefits of using Delphi. Stop Motion Pro is constantly faced with urgent software feature enhancements, mostly coming from production companies based in the UK and US. Due to the large time zone difference and tight deadlines faced by these film production companies, it is crucial that Stop Motion Pro delivers these enhancements within a very short timeframe. Using Delphi, they were able to develop, test and deliver these new features to their customers the next business day.

“Delphi is perfect for designing all those user interface elements quite quickly without sacrificing visual aspects and being able to respond to our customers in a timely manner is what we consider the greatest incentive of using Delphi,” Ross says. Ross believes that Delphi has saved Stop Motion Pro significant staff and administrative cost simply because no additional developers have been required to respond to customer-driven enhancements. The company has a minimal development team, all performing multiple project roles and therefore has more funds to invest in other areas of the business.

“With Delphi, you are not spending an exorbitant amount of money on a cast of thousands of developers to release a Windows product,” says Ross Garner. Stop Motion has not changed their development platform since they started eleven years ago. “There were very few choices to develop Windows software that was intuitive and very well designed. Delphi to me is all of that and I think is still a clear choice!” Ross says.

Outside the entertainment industry, Stop Motion Pro has been customized to suit the needs of schools, hospitals and even prisons. The software encourages the development of story-telling amongst long-term hospital patients, prison inmates and victims of natural disasters to express their emotions as well as providing an outlet for creating expression as part of their rehabilitation program. “A lot of these things evolved by responding to where our customers want us to go. That’s the key element in our success,” Ross added.

Stop Motion Pro has become a standard tool for teaching animation techniques in schools and universities around the world.

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