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Nouvelle version: PDFtoolkit VCL v4. Disponible

Now with Tab-key navigation support in viewer

Gnostice introduced a new release of the PDFToolkit for VCL
This is a great tool for Delphi and C++Builder Developers

PDFtoolkit VCL components come with hundreds of functions and properties that put immense power in the hands of the developer. 
PDFtoolkit hides the complexity of the PDF format and allows developers to easily create applications that can edit, enhance, secure, merge, split, view, digitally sign, and print PDF documents and process PDF forms. PDFtoolkit can extract text, export to images, and also add digital signatures. PDFtoolkit does not require PDF software such as Adobe PDF library, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Adobe PDF Reader or GhostScript.

Enhanced in the new release:

PDF Viewing and Printing:

  • Added new property AllowImageCopy in TgtPDFViewer class
  • Added "tab-key navigation"support for interactive form fields (not available for radio button form fields)
  • Added new events OnFormFieldValueChanged and OnFormFieldFocus in TgtPDFViewer class
  • Support for default appearance specified in the document for interactive form fields - background color, font size and color

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