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Composant: NOUVEAU! TMS FireMonkey Cross-Platform Grid

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NEW! TMS FireMonkey cross-platform grid!


TMS announced the availability of TMS Pack for FireMonkey v1.5 with the new TMS FireMonkey productivity feature-packed grid included. The grid offers:

  • import and export: CSV, TXT, ASC, HTML, XML, RTF (native),XLS (native), streams
  • clipboard support
  • printing support: print to printer, print to image file, print preview component
  • find & replace including find & replace dialogs
  • various built-in inplace editors: edit, combobox, datepicker, dial, spin, … and customizable
  • various built-in cell types: text, bitmap, button, checkbox, radiobutton, progressbar, … and customizable
  • cell merging
  • fixed header rows, fixed footer rows, fixed left columns, fixed right columns
  • column freezing, row freezing
  • cell scrolling & pixel scrolling modes
  • various selection modes: single cell, range, column, row, disjunct column, row, cell
  • sorting: single column & multi column in normal & in grouped mode
  • filtering: programmatic row filtering and filter dropdowns in a column header cells
  • grouping: built grouping with group headers, group summary rows
  • calculations: column calculation results in fixed footer row
  • HTML formatted text in cells, URL’s in cells
  • Fine grained control over keyboard & mouse interaction

Also added are several other new components: TTMSFMXNavBar, TTMSFMXEdit, TTMSFMXEditBtn

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