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pour les abonnés: FmxLinux Bundling with Delphi


 Blog post Marco Cantu.

I’m very happy to announce that Embarcadero Technologies has reached an OEM distribution agreement with Eugene Kryukov for FmxLinux. Starting today, Delphi and RAD Studio customers, with active subscription to the Enterprise or Architect editions can download, install, and start using FmxLinux for building FireMonkey applications targeting the Linux 64-bit platform. You can use it both to add Linux as a platform to an existing FireMonkey application, or build entirely new FireMonkey for Linux applications. 

Offre spéciale sur la version Enterprise et Architect - cliquez ici

Why FmxLinux

FmxLinux brings FireMonkey client UI development to Linux and adds the ability to expand out our Linux platform support from server side to desktop and kiosk scenarios. This is not a one time offer, but a long term distribution agreement, so we expect to keep supporting Linux clients via FmxLinux also in future versions of RAD Studio.

The add-in is available via GetIt in the 10.3.1 version of Delphi and RAD Studio. Once installed, you’ll have all relevant files on the system, plus an IDE wizard to help manage projects in the IDE.

FmxLinux provides capabilities for building GUI applications for Linux, extending RAD Studio’s (Delphi Edition) FireMonkey cross-platform framework. It allows for building client applications for organizations that are adopting Linux clients (we’ve seen an increase in requests from Russia and Brazil) and for self-service kiosks (computers running a single application full screen) and other scenarios in which the cost of a Windows license is significant issue. A common example is a self-service airline check-in counter, that runs Linux, and presents a Linux GUI app to the customer for checking in to their flight, adding luggage, performing seat upgrades etc.

Key Features

  • FireMonkey for Linux provides the ability to create GUI applications for Linux, extending Delphi’s FireMonkey cross-platform framework
  • FmxLinux expands Delphi’s support from server applications to FMX client applications for popular Linux distributions
  • Includes several ready-to-use user interface styles
  • Many of the FMX components, such as grids, widgets, etc. work seamlessly on Linux clients
  • Leverage RAD Studio’s innovative features, such as LiveBindings, and much more, in your Linux client applications
  • Leverage WebKitGTK support to run an FmxLinux application as an HTML5 web application in the browser

More information

We are very happy to expand the power of Delphi and FireMonkey with enhanced support for the Linux platform, and look forward to hearing about your Linux client projects.