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Nouveau : Sencha Ext JS 6.6. released

Test Ext JS 6.6

We’re excited to announce our latest release, Sencha Ext JS 6.6. This release includes several major enhancements as well as support for npm packaging and open tooling for exceptionally easy workflows that every JavaScript developer is familiar with. With open tooling, Ext JS developers now have powerful tooling to rapidly generate, build and update Ext JS applications. 

New features in this release include: 
  • Ext JS npm Packages – Ext JS standard and premium components, themes and framework are now available in npm packages hosted on the Sencha npm repository
  • ExtGen – New open tool that lets you generate new Ext JS apps by asking you a series of questions and provides you with a number of new app templates
  • ExtBuild – New open tooling to build and transpile your apps
  • New modern components – Modern time field and time panel component that provides an analog time view based on material design specification
  • New beautiful Graphite theme that makes your accessible apps visually stunning 
  • Localization support for modern applications
  • Dynamic Styling of applications using Material Theme
  • Advanced Ext JS routing enhancements
  • Enhanced gauges component with improved ability to display interval values
Try Ext JS 6.6 with Open Tooling
Try Ext JS 6.6 with Cmd 6.6

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