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Delphi Plug-in: Gratuit: Castalia pour Delphi XE7 développeurs

Télécharger jusqu'au 31 Octobre, 2014

Castalia is basically a plug in of the Delphi IDE that adds a lot of features to the editor. From unit navigation (with the list of unit sections, classes and methods in upper drop downs), to begin-end blocks highlighting, to in-place metrics and refactorings, you gain a lot of power and have it really at hand. While some of the features are also part of our IDE, they are often a little more hidden and for this reason might end up being less used.

An image-driven walkthrough can help understand a little better, but if you head to the Castalia web site you'll find much more detail. Let's start with the installation and the extra item in the XE7 about box:


Now just open any project in the editor (like one based on the new Parallel Programming library, with use of anonymous methods), and that's how you see it:

The additional features include information about methods and direct, context sensitive refactorings:


Of course, there is much more, as you can guss from looking to the Castalia additional menu of the IDE and by interacting with the tool:

Télecharger ici


Source: Marco Cantu