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What's new in Ext JS 7.0

Recording Webinar: vendredi 27 septembre 2019

Join us on August 20th for our webinar, Learn What’s New in Ext JS 7.0, where we will be giving a live showcase of everything that our latest and greatest version of Ext JS has to offer.
Ext JS 7.0 elevates our framework to new heights, bringing innovative new features and major enhancements to the Modern Toolkit while continuing to provide developers with more than 115 pre-built UI components to integrate into their applications. In this webinar we will show off some of the best enhancements that this milestone update has to offer, including:
  • Form Groups to easily group a collection of checkboxes or radio buttons to support actions such as layout customization or validation at the group level.
  • Breadcrumb Toolbar, which provides the ability to present hierarchical information in a breadcrumb format.
  • Grid Updates that bring support for drag-and-drop row editing, so that users can easily move, reorder and insert content in a row or cell.
  • Grid Collapsible Groups that allow easy arrangement and viewing for groups of information.
  • Drag-and-Drop Plugin in Tree View that allows users to easily move and reorder Tree Menus.
  • And much more!
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Marc Gusmano, Solutions Architect, Sencha
Marc Gusmano is a Solutions Architect with Sencha and is passionate about building outstanding software, especially leading-edge, user-centric applications. He has more than 30 years of experience in the software services industry, and has been extensively involved with custom HTML5 browser and mobile development projects, using his experience to build HTML5 Single Page Applications.