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VS 2017 Test Professional

Visual Studio Test Professional 2017 is an integrated testing toolset that delivers a complete plan-test-track workflow for in-context collaboration between testers and developers, greatly increasing testers’ visibility to the overall project.

Align testing efforts to the application lifecycle

Visual Studio Test Professional 2017 integrates with Team Foundation Server, a platform used by testers, developers, and other team members to align and track project objectives. This integration ensures that testers can collaborate effectively throughout the entire development process.

Embrace manual testing

Visual Studio Test Professional 2017 provides a modern interface for manual testing that walks you through test steps while collecting important information to include in bugs—items like Diagnostic Trace, Event Log, Action Log, Network Emulation, and System Information—that can be filed directly from the test interface.

File detailed and actionable bugs

The new IntelliTrace feature in Visual Studio Test Professional 2017 makes the "no-repro" discussion a thing of the past. Testers can file rich and actionable bugs with system information. That way developers can reproduce the reported bug in the state it was found.

Re-use manual test recordings

With Fast Forward for Manual Testing, you can record test steps in a sequential order, then playback and pause the recording as if you were performing the test steps manually. You can reuse the resulting recording in regression testing of the same test case.

Improve your test process

Visual Studio Test Professional 2017 was developed with testers in mind, providing clear workflow and guidance. You can create test plans, test suites, and test cases with nesting capabilities, and organize tests in the most effective and logical way. Test leads can begin test planning as early as the architecting and designing stages.

VS 2017 Test Professional

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VS 2017 Test Professional