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Consultancy partners

In the Benelux a number of qualified partners are active on the Delphi and C++Builder consultancy market. These companies are all specialized in delivery of consultancy services on a high level with a dedicated and experienced staff. These parties have been involved in many projects with our customers. Services are: 

0. Error tracing and code analysis 

1. Maintenaining existing applications

2. Upgrading of existing (version 1-2007) applications to the latest Delphi version

3. Building new applications or extentions 

4. Migration projects; application migration of applications written in a different language into Delphi

5. Building of web- and iOS applications

6. Outsourcing; the possibility to offer companies to outsource their development activities 


For many years we co-operate with the following partners: 


                     www.drbob42.nl - email: info@ebob42.com

www.delphicompany.nl - 
email: info@delphicompany.nl

www.synapsis-group.com - 
email: info@synapsis-group.com

www.devia.be - Tel. 
email: info@devia.be

Consultancy partners

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Consultancy partners