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SQL diagnostic manager

Identify and resolve SQL Server problems before they happen

  • Monitor and manage SQL Servers enterprise-wide
  • Find and fix performance bottlenecks
  • Analyze performance over time
  • Diagnose and resolve issues from the desktop or mobile device
  • No agents or database objects required on monitored servers

Key benefits:

Increases SQL Server availability

SQL diagnostic manager continuously monitors the entire SQL Server environment and provides immediate, customized notifications when performance or availability issues are discovered. Once notified, DBAs and other administrators can quickly investigate, diagnose and correct performance and availability problems.

Comprehensive view of current performance

SQL diagnostic manager summarizes current server status across the enterprise and makes this information available on the desktop or mobile device. The server dashboard collects and displays extensive real-time activity, status and performance information for sessions, queries, system resources, databases, services, and logs.

Remote mobile SQL Server access

SQL diagnostic manager mobile provides anytime, anywhere access to monitor, diagnose or resolve issues. Real-time and historical performance data, session details, job data and the ability to take corrective action to resolve issues means you don’t have to be tied to your desk.

Improves the productivity of both skilled and novice DBAs

SQL diagnostic manager’s IntelliFeed™ technology uses a social networking paradigm to build a ‘community’ of DBAs and SQL Servers. IntelliFeed™ allows users to follow, monitor and collaborate with particular SQL Servers, alerts, or co-workers ensuring effective communication and providing the ability to easily share and capture best practices.

Offers easy installation and use

SQL diagnostic manager can be installed quickly with no agents or other database objects required on the monitored servers. A typical installation and configuration will take less than 30 minutes.


SQL diagnostic manager

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SQL diagnostic manager

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