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SQL compliance manager

Low-impact SQL Server auditing of all user activity and data changes

  • Real time auditing of all SQL Server data and object changes
  • Flexible collection filters gather the data you need
  • Audits changes to SQL Server data on the column level
  • Customizable alerts to notify you of suspect activity
  • Provides comprehensive reporting to satisfy audit requirements

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Central Management Console

SQL compliance manager allows you to centrally audit, generate compliance reports, monitor activity levels and receive alerts from all instances of SQL Server enterprise-wide. SQL compliance manager is low overhead, is easy and simple to deploy.


SQL Auditing Reports

SQL compliance manager offers a comprehensive library of over 25+ pre-defined compliance reports, developed in partnership with auditing experts, that address security auditing & compliance reporting requirements. The Microsoft Reporting Services reports are available in the Console or can be easily deployed to SQL Reporting Services and customized if needed.


SQL Failed Logins

SQL compliance manager will show you server-level trends, including activity patterns and alert conditions. All alert levels are customizable. Shown here, SQL compliance manager tracks all failed logins across all SQL Servers -- including who, what, when, and where.


Audit SQL Server Activity

With SQL compliance manager’s Event Distribution and Activity Monitoring displays, you can easily spot trends by filtering on Hourly, Daily Weekly or Monthly timeframes.


Audit SQL Database Activity

At the database level, you can assess both event distribution and recent activity levels and utilize easy to read charts and graphs to pinpoint trends.


SQL Privileged User Auditing

SQL compliance manager provides you with the ability to track all actions of users or select actions of privileged users.


Filter SQL Audit Data

With SQL compliance manager’s new custom view features, you can easily sort, filter & navigate through large amounts of audit data to find the event data you need. You can also save a list of your most commonly used search criteria.


Sort SQL Audit Data

SQL compliance manager lets you sort audit data by selecting the columns you wish to view.


Customizable SQL Auditing

Create fully customized audit events -- audit only what’s important to your company.



Customizable Alerts

SQL compliance manager provides flexible alerting rules and customizable notification methods and messaging.

SQL Auditing Templates

Audit collection rules, alerts, and exclude event filters can be exported and imported to and from xml. These files can be used as common templates to ensure consistent auditing across all servers, in automation, or shared amongst the user community.

Column Level Auditing Before and After Values

SQL compliance manager delivers a powerful grid that lets you quickly audit and analyze data changes. See the DML that created the changes, see who and what application made the change and also the before and after value.

Column Level Auditing Hierarchical View

SQL compliance manager delivers several options for reviewing before/after column data changes via hierachical or flat grid.

Column Level Auditing Table View

Detailed Properties provides yet another way to view before and after data changes on table rows.


Auditing for Sensitive Column Data 

Protect your data from the “Insider threat” by auditing all access to any combination of sensitive columns


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SQL compliance manager

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SQL compliance manager

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