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DBArtisan Standard

Embarcadero® DBArtisan® XE6 helps DBAs maximize the availability, performance,and security of their databases by providing a consistent and unified view for all major database plaforms in one tool. Comprehensive graphical editors and wizards boost productivity, streamline routine tasks, and reduce errors so DBAs can manage larger, more complex databases. With advanced space, capacity, and performance management capabilities, DBAs can easily detect storage-related bottlenecks, track storage and growth over time, and pinpoint performance problems. Now, organizations can standardize on one solution for database administration.

  • Administer all of your DBMSes from one, adaptable tool
  • Boost productivity, lower costs, and
  • simplify database administration
  • Increase availability, performance, and security
  • Be prepared with advanced performance, space, capacity, and backup and recovery tools

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DBArtisan Standard

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