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BeaconFence​ is a developer proximity solution that delivers precise “GPS-Free” indoor/outdoor user location tracking and
events with radial and geometric zones for any physical location and layout. The editor supports touch editing, printing, high-dpi, smart selection, and object type filtering for ease of editing and viewing.  

Introduction discount until May 31, 2018. From € 124,-- excl. VAT.

Also, since the Woll BeaconFence Editor is written entirely with the FireMonkey library, it can also  run on iOS, Android, and MacOS. BEAM is powered by the FirePower FMX library. 

BeaconFence currently utilizes its Beacon Fencing Map Editor from the RAD Studio IDE, but is not able to run outside of it. This software has an external editor (BEAM) with additional usability enhancements that can be run as a standalone application. No longer will you have to have a copy of RAD Studio to enter and design maps, and you can even just bring your iPhone or tablet and edit the maps from the cloud.


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