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Web for Delphi developers - Delphi for Web developers

TMS WEB Core comprises

  • a component framework
  • a (Web) RTL
  • a Pascal to JavaScript compiler
  • a Delphi IDE integration

TMS WEB Core enables to build modern web client applications following the single-page architecture that also other modern frameworks like Angular, vue.js, React employ.

The web for Delphi developers ...
With TMS WEB Core, you feel right at home in the Delphi IDE, not only with respect to language, code editor, form designer but also with respect to component framework where many direct web-based counterparts are available for edit, button, label, listbox, grid ... and many more UI controls.

Delphi for web developers ...
Equally important, with TMS WEB Core, you also feel right at home in the magic world of web development. TMS WEB Core is designed to be open to other Javascript frameworks. Out of the box, there is support to bind to jQuery controls and we have wrapped already a significant part of the jQWidget UI controls into easy to use Pascal components. TMS WEB Core is totally open to CSS styling, to optionally design web pages fully in HTML/CSS (possibly by a person different from the software developer with expertise in nice graphic webdesign).

TMS WEB Core is also to the server technology of your choice. TMS WEB Core web client applications can enjoy first-class binding to data via the familiar TDataSet concept via our TMS XData REST API server technology. But you can use at the same time Embarcadero RAD Server, a node.js based REST API, ASP.NET Core microservices etc..

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