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Quickreport 6

This is a new release which maintains compatibility with QR506 and includes new controls designed to build web applications and implement internet report distribution.


Report Distribution Schema

 Quickreport 6 Report Distribution Schema

Report Distribution

The best way to make information available is via the internet. This requires that where possible web browsers should be used rather than native applications. Most reports designed with QuickReports can be speedily converted to html and displayed directly in a web browser with the existing components. The new components allow custom web forms to be built so the reports may be displayed as if in a local viewer application.

The basis of a report distribution system is a web server which handles HTPP GET requests by sending existing reports to the client, and POST requests which require code to be executed to generate real time reports. In the latter case the QR6 server library provides a QuickReport object which can execute reports from the .dfm file as well as handling report events. 

Server Library

The purpose of this code is to provide a run-time system that is free from any reference to the VCL printers unit or the VCL graphics unit. The first stage in presenting dynamically produced reports in a browser is to create the HTML in a server environment from live data. QuickReport 6 includes server adapted versions of the QuickReport object and the QR controls, which can execute a design in a dfm file and stream the resulting HTML document. The code is bundled as a component which may be used in console applications called from a cgi-bin or ISAPI application. 

  The server component    CGI-bin Applications    Apache Server Modules

Web Controls

The motivation for developing the web controls is to allow us, and QuickReport users to create web applications that will present reports on any device that has a suitable web browser.

QuickReport already has the ability to render report documents into html which makes them viewable in a web browser. With the web controls, this report may be presented in an interactive viewer.  

Building a web application is exactly the same as designing and exporting a report. A report with only a title band is populated with web controls and exported to html. The web controls do not appear in the normal preview since there is no purpose in this, but the html created may be opened in a browser to preview the web viewer. The production process is quick and uncomplicated.

Web Control Features

Quickreport 6

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Quickreport 6

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