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Multilizer Pro for Developers

Multilizer Pro for Developers localizes any mainstream software format

Multilizer Pro for Developers is a solution for companies working with software localization and wanting to boost their productivity. The extremely rich feature set covers all the needs of professional localization of applications and other software.

Keeping track of the changes, following the progress of the project and sharing the translation work will make your work most efficient. Multilizer Pro complements fully the provision of standard development tools.


Multilizer Pro for Developers contains the following features:

  • Rich and fast PC based editor for user friendly and effective translation.
  • Source scanners for most development environments, including: .NET, Android, Visual C++, Delphi, Pascal, SQL.
  • Real time Wysiwyg editors to see the localizable content visually.
  • Running localized applications in target environment.
  • Row level commenting, locking, and setting of max width.
  • 40+ validations that automatically find localization issues; with quick automatic fixes.
  • Custom Text scanner for localizing any text file formats using regular expressions.
  • Wizards for exchanging project data between internal and external team members.
  • Extensive support for adding translations references for consistent translation.
  • Tagging of new/modified/removed texts in the files being localized.
  • Comprehensive settings for specifying localization rules for the supported file format.
  • Machine translation plug-in included for quick translation drafts.
  • Spell Check (OpenOffice).

Multilizer Pro for Developers

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Multilizer Pro for Developers

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