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Multilizer Enterprise

Multilizer Enterprise is for enterprises requiring to optimize and get maximum savings out of their localization projects. Multilizer Enterprise is optimized for projects with multiple types of content and task automation.

Multilizer Enterprise supports the localization of software, document and web content formats. All localizable information is in a single Multilizer project, simplifying the localization project administration.

The latest Multilizer version provides support for Embarcadero RAD Studio 10 Seattle. With this new support for the latest Embarcadero product which includes the 10 Seattle version, Multilizer provides the best localization solution in cross-platform development environment for PCs, tablets and smart phones.


Multilizer Enterprise contains the following key features:

  • Rich and fast PC based editor for user friendly and effective translation.
  • Row level commenting, locking, and setting of max width.
  • Real time Wysiwyg editors to see the localizable content visually.
  • 40+ validations that automatically find localization issues; with quick automatic fixes.
  • Custom Text scanner for localizing any text file formats using regular expressions.
  • Wizards for exchanging project data between team members.
  • Extensive support for adding translations references for consistent translation.
  • Tagging of new/modified/removed texts in the files being localized.
  • Comprehensive settings for specifying localization rules for the supported file format.
  • Machine translation plug-in included for quick translation drafts.
  • Spell Check (OpenOffice).
  • Command-line utility. Multilizer Enterprise includes a command-line tool that allows users to automate nearly every aspect of localization process. The tool can automate the creation of new localization projects, scanning, building, importing/exporting translations, sharing translation work, and displaying projects statistics, etc.
  • Advanced Menu. Multilizer Enterprise is powered with efficient project maintenance features, such as populating missing translations with native text.
  • Support for Xliff files.
  • Use projects as Translation Reference in order to increase the translation consistency inside the company.

Multilizer Enterprise

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Multilizer Enterprise

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