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Learn more: What's new in RAD Studio 10.3.2

Introduction 10.3.2

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RAD Studio Rio (10.3) empowers developers to create stunning, high performing apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux Server*, using the same native code base. RAD Studio 10.3 makes significant improvements for C++ developers including C++17 Win32 support, improved code completion, debugging for optimized builds and new libraries. Delphi developers can now enjoy inline variable declaration, type inference, and more. For both C++ and Delphi developers, RAD Studio Rio brings enhancements to VCL for High DPI displays, Per Monitor V2 support, new Windows 10 and WinRT APIs, updated mobile platform support, and more.

Finally, RAD Studio Rio adds more value and capabilities to the Enterprise edition with a RAD Server single site deployment license and an InterBase ToGo for mobile deployment license. The Architect edition now includes a Sencha ExtJS Professional license, InterBase ToGo for mobile deployment license, RAD Server multi-site deployment license, and an Aqua Data Studio license. These additional licenses expand web enablement, application backend server, and database capabilities for your enterprise applications.



Multi-Device Apps

  • Android API26 support.
  • Android Native Controls and FMX styled controls on the same Android form, including using material design theme for Android 5.0 or higher
  • Support for Unicode Emoji
  • 10.3 Update 1 adds expanded support for iOS 12 and iPhone X series devices.
  • 10.3 Update 1 includes a set of 5 different FireMonkey multi-device styles with theming support for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.
  • New in 10.3.2: macOS 64-bit application support for Delphi and C++17 support for Windows 64-bit for C++Builder.
  • New in 10.3.2: includes the following updates and enhancements to the Android Firebase push notification support:
    • The Android Firebase patch distributed for 10.3.1 is now part of the 10.3.2 product release - all files are part of the Android platform installation
    • Includes improvements to icons for all notifications
    • Updates to Google Play services and Maps to match Firebase version support requirements
    • Firebase replaces Google Cloud Messaging (deprecated by Google)

Visit Embarcadero docwiki for a full lit of 10.3. new features

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