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Now Released: Enterprise Connectors



Make Connecting to Any Application as Easy as Connecting to a Database

Move, integrate, and analyze data with ease utilizing our NEW FireDAC Enterprise Connectors, powered by CData.
These unparalleled components allow you to integrate 80+ Enterprise applications, simplifying connectivity into a
standard model using SQL.
Data today is more decentralized than ever, not to mention difficult to access with the average company running upwardsof
20+ SaaS applications, and at least as many on-premise applications. Make better business decisions, eliminate headaches
and increase time to productivity by organizing vast amounts of data in an actionable format fast and efficiently with these drivers.

Download your 30-day Trial version from the GetIt Pacakge Manager (Tools > GetIt Package Manager > Connectors) i
in RAD Studio 10.2 Pro or higher.
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