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SQL safe backup

SQL Server backup compression with network fault tolerance and zero impact encryption

  • Fast, compressed & encrypted SQL backup and restore
  • SQL Server backup compression of up to 95%
  • Save time – at least 50% faster than native SQL backups
  • Virtually eliminates application downtown using Instant Restore
  • Central management of backups enterprise-wide

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SQL Backup and Recovery

SQL safe is a high-performance backup and recovery solution that reduces database backup time by up to 50% and reduces backup disk space requirements by up to 95%. Shown here, the SQL safe Management Console provides a central point of control for managing SQL Server backups enterprise-wide and includes powerful exception reporting to quickly highlight failed backups. SQL safe enables complete, “hands-free”, automated management of your entire SQL Server backup infrastructure and ensures compliance with your organization’s backup and recovery policies.


SQL Server Database Backup

SQL safe backup is easy to use. User-friendly wizards are provided for all key tasks. The backup wizard shown here allows you to quickly execute backup operations across multiple databases, which can be performed simultaneously, or they may be scheduled to execute one at a time.


Easy One click Operations

SQL safe makes it easy to re-run an operation or perform a restore or verify on a previously performed backup using a simple one-click option. To restore a backup file, simply select it in the grid, right-click and select ‘Restore’. It’s that easy!


Instant Restore capabilities 

The innovative IntelliRestore™ function greatly accelerates recovery time in the event of data loss. IntelliRestore provides graphical point-in-time recovery using a sliding time scale. Simply choose a point in time and SQL safe backup will automatically assemble all the backup components necessary to restore the database to the specified point in time. 

SQL safe also offers patent-pending technology, Instant Restore, to bring the database online in minutes virtually eliminating application downtime. Once online, SQLsafe streams data from the backup file "on-demand" to support applications and user requests while completing the restore operation in the background.


SQL Server Backup, Restore and Log Shipping Policies

SQL safe ensures compliance with corporate backup policies. SQL safe enables definition of Backup, Restore and Log Shipping Policies to execute and monitor database backups and restores. Each policy creates SQL Server jobs across one or more servers and executes the SQL safe operations according to your exact specification.


Monitor SQL Server Log Shipping

SQL safe makes it very easy to manage and monitor your log shipping environment. SQL safe automatically creates the necessary jobs and monitors the policy to ensure it remains in compliance. SQL safe will also monitor your environment and alert you (via email) of any problems occurring in the log shipping environment.

Automated Restore Policies

SQL safe makes it very easy to automate the restore of one database to another even when the source database is in simple mode. Obviously, log shipping is well-known within the SQL Server environment but using SQLsafe you can very quickly configure your ‘simple mode’ database to be automatically restored to a different target on a schedule basis.



SQL Server Backup Best Practices Reports

SQL safe backup provides a comprehensive catalog of best practice reports that are delivered using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. All reports can be generated using enterprise data and can be easily customized to meet your specific reporting needs. 



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SQL safe backup

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SQL safe backup

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