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SQL diagnostic manager

Identify and resolve SQL Server problems before they happen

  • Monitor and manage SQL Servers enterprise-wide
  • Find and fix performance bottlenecks
  • Analyze performance over time
  • Diagnose and resolve issues from the desktop or mobile device
  • No agents or database objects required on monitored servers

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Enterprise Overview

With SQL diagnostic manager, you can monitor and manage your entire SQL Server environment from a single console. Once SQL diagnostic manager alerts you of a problem you can quickly and easily see the cause of the alert, diagnose, and fix the problem.

Track Query Performance Over Time

The Query History view enables you to see how a particular query has performed over time. Query performance can be viewed by duration, reads, writes, etc.

Mobile SQL Server access while you’re on the go

Managing servers doesn’t mean you have to be tied to your desk. When on the go, you need to be able to gain quick access to your SQL Server environment. SQL diagnostic manager mobile enables you to view the overall status of all of the SQL Servers in your environment, drill-down to view details on sessions, jobs, databases, as well as take actions like kill a session, start/stop a job or run a query.


Query Performance Tuning

The Queries view enables you to do query monitoring and easily identify potentially poor performing queries, such as long or most frequent queries or queries consuming unusually high CPU or I/O.


Easily diagnose historical performance issues

The Server Overview displays an overview of a SQL Server's real-time or historical performance metrics, including resources, locks, blocks and session information.

The History Browser enables the server state to be shown as it looked at a historical point-in-time to aid in problem troubleshooting and resolution.

Identify Server Resource Bottlenecks

The Server Waits view help quickly and easily identify the overall system resource bottleneck. It’s easy to see which wait stat resource the server is waiting on the most in order to identify the biggest resource bottleneck.


Identify Query Resource Bottlenecks

The Query Waits view help quickly and easily identify the statements, applications, and databases that are waiting the longest and identifies what wait stat (resource) they are waiting on and for how long. This allows you to easily identify the highest priority item for optimization.

Monitor SQL Server Mirroring Performance

SQL diagnostic manager has the ability to monitor state and performance of your mirroring environment and send alerts whenever the state of your mirrored environment changes or performance is being adversely affected.


Monitor SQL Server Deadlocks

The ability to detect previously deadlocked sessions and diagnose the causes is very important in SQL Server environments. SQL diagnostic manager will alert you on deadlocks that occurred in SQL 2005/2008 environments, and then let you see the deadlocked details and easily export the details to a deadlock XML (.xdl) file.



Monitor tempdb Performance

The Tempdb Summary view can be used to identify current activity affecting tempdb as well as recent trends of file sizes, object types and sizes, page latch contention, and version store generation and cleanup rates. In the real time view a user can trace or kill a running process, and with full history browser support users may easily drill through to view locks and query history from any tempdb affecting session detected in the past 30 days. Associated alerts inform administrators of out-of-control activity, including long running version store transactions and sessions utilizing excessive space in tempdb, allowing early and immediate intervention.



SQL Server Performance Reporting

SQL diagnostic manager 7.1 has a new reporting interface that provides a series of new enterprise summary, server summary, alerts, mirroring, and forecasting reports. These reports can be easily view in the SQLdm Console or deployed and scheduled to SQL Server Reporting Services using the SQLdm reporting interface.


SQL diagnostic manager

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SQL diagnostic manager

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