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DBArtisan XE6

DBArtisan XE6 empowers DBAs to maximize the availability, performance, and security of their databases with a single, heterogeneous tool for managing all database platforms. It’s the newest addition to the DBArtisan family and includes centralized license management and tool provisioning, with industry leading "zero-install" deployment capability. These advanced features can save significant time when it comes to managing your tool environment.

The optional Embarcadero Analyst Pack add-on includes advanced space, capacity, and performance management capabilities to help you prevent storage-related problems, trend data and object growth over time, and pinpoint performance bottlenecks. Key features in DBArtisan XE6 include:

  • Comprehensive graphical editors and wizards to boost productivity, streamline routine tasks, and reduce errors so you can manage larger, more complex databases
  • SQL debuggers and profilers to speed troubleshooting and optimizing of SQL code
  • True heterogeneous tool supporting all major DBMSes from a single interface
  • Centralized license management and tool deployment with Embarcadero® ToolCloud™
  • Run tools without installing locally; avoid conflicts when running multiple versions with Embarcadero® InstantOn™

Select your DBArtisan edition

DBArtisan is available in a Standard, Professional, WorkBench and XE6 Edition


Features Standard Professional WorkBench XE6
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Differences between versions

For unlimited database connections
x x
Cross database platform (so for SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Oracle and MySQL)

Single database platform only  (SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Oracle or MySQL) x x x
Includes Performance Analyst, Capacity Analyst and Space Analyst
Ten (10) database connections only

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DBArtisan XE6

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DBArtisan XE6

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