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DB Optimizer 2016

Embarcadero® DB Optimizer™ 2016 is a heterogeneous tool that maximizes database and application performance by quickly discovering, diagnosing, and optimizing poor-performing SQL. DB Optimizer XE6 empowers DBAs and developers to:

  • Eliminate performance bottlenecks by visually profiling key metrics inside the database (CPU, I/O, wait times)
  • Relate resource utilization to specific queries, and helping to visually tune problematic SQL.
  • Eliminate performance bottlenecks in production databases and applications
  • Develop, test, profile, and tune SQL performance with a single, easy-to-use IDE across all databases


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DB Optimizer 2016 is available in a Developer, Professional and Enterprise Edition.


Features Developer Professional Enterprise
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Differences between versions

Support for all database platforms
SQL Profiling, SQL Editing and Load Testing
Visual SQL Tuning, SQL Hint Analysis and profiling into Repository (single data source)
24 x 7 pro-active monitoring for 50 data sources
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Please click here to read the DB Optimizer Datasheet (PDF).

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DB Optimizer 2016

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DB Optimizer 2016

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