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Change Manager XE6

DB Change Manager XE6’s compare, synchronization, and auditing capabilities let you track and report on changes, roll out new releases, and pinpoint performance problems resulting from changes in data, schema and database configuration. By comparing a live database to a schema or configuration “snapshot” administrators can quickly identify changes and correct problems. And by monitoring configuration settings, DBAs can ensure compliance with regulatory policies and performance standards, and maintain overall database performance.

Embarcadero® DB Change Manager™ XE56helps database administrators and developers:

  • Simplify, automate, and report on database changes
  • Streamline development cycles
  • Ensure availability, performance, and compliance

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DB Change Manager is available in a Developer, Professional and Enterprise Edition.


Features Developer Professional Enterprise
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Differences between versions

Includes complete SQL development environment and all of Rapid SQL's 
development-centric, productivity-enhancing features
Cross database platform (so for SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Oracle and MySQL)

Single database platform only  (SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Oracle or MySQL) x x
Powerful capabilities including an SQL code analyst, SQL debugger, and a PL/SQL profiler (Oracle® only), for advanced SQL tuning and code optimization.

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Please click here to read the Change manager Datasheet (PDF).

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Change Manager XE6

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Change Manager XE6

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