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uniGUI Professional

This edition includes all features available in Personal Edition. Additional to those features Professional edition doesn't enforce any limitation on number of concurrent sessions.
It also allows ISAPI DLL deployment to Microsoft IIS and Apache for Windows web servers. Deployment is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit applications.
This edition includes 10 additional visual themes for desktop web applications. Source code for components are included.


Feature Matrix

  Personal Professional Complete Trial¹
64-Bit Applications
No Yes Yes No
Additional Themes No Yes Yes No
Source Code No Components2 Components2 No
Mobile Components No No Yes Yes
One Year Subscription4 Yes Yes Yes -
Deployment Options
Standalone Exe Yes Yes Yes Yes
Windows Service Yes Yes Yes Yes
ISAPI DLL No Yes Yes Yes
Maximum Concurrent Sessions 30 Unlimited5 Unlimited5 Unlimited5
Session Time Limit3 - - - 3 Minutes

uniGUI Professional

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uniGUI Professional

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