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Component Studio

Create modern-looking & feature-rich Windows applications faster with well over 400 components in one money and time saving bundle for Delphi and C++Builder.

Access to the latest versions, improvements, new features in well over 400 VCL components for building feature-rich, modern looking and native Windows application with Delphi or C++Builder is what the TMS Component Pack offers. 


  • New: TAdvSmoothTileList: versatile & extensible tile based gallery
  • New: TMS W7 Controls : 15 new controls added for creating Windows 7 style UIs
  • New: Sizing with aspect ratio of images in HTML formatted text in TAdvStringGrid
  • New: URLUnderlineOnHover property added in TAdvStringGrid
  • New: OnSetAppParamBefore,OnSetAppParamAfter added in TWebUpdate
  • New: Possibility to turn off UAC prompt in TWebUpdate
  • New: OfficeHint support in TMS Smooth Controls
  • New: OnDraw event to draw on top of dock in TAdvSmoothDock
  • New: AutoHideNavigator property to auto hide navigator buttons in header and footer in TAdvSmoothImageListBox
  • New: AutoSizeToPicture in TAdvSmoothToggleButton
  • New: PictureContainer and ImageList support added in TAdvSmoothToggleButton
  • New: Background fill in TAdvSmoothTabPager
  • New: PopupMenu support & DB Annotation ImageIndex databinding in TAdvSmoothTimeLine
  • New: Selected font for Caption, Info and Notes added in TAdvSmoothListBox
  • New: Vertical direction added in TAdvSmoothProgressBar
  • New: Sizing with aspect ratio of images in HTML formatted text in THTMLabel and other components that support HTML formatted text
  • New: Support for rotation of image/hotspots in THotSpotImage
  • New: MoveOnClick type mcMoveSlide added in TAdvTrackBar
  • New: OnGetAutoCompletionListIndex event added in TAdvMemo
  • New: Right caption position support added in TAdvPanel

Smaller improvements & fixes in various components.

Component Studio

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Component Studio

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