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TMS Cloud Pack

The TMS Cloud Pack contains components that offer integration with several cloud services like:

  • Dropbox
  • SkyDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Twitter
  • FaceBook


  • TAdvDropBox: component for access to DropBox cloud storage
  • TAdvSkyDrive: component for access to Microsoft Skydrive cloud storage
  • TAdvGDrive: component for access to Google Drive cloud storage
  • TAdvTwitter: component for access to Twitter API service
  • TAdvFacebook: component for access to Facebook API service
  • TAdvGCalendar: component for access to Google Calendar API service
  • TAdvURLShortener: component for access to Google URL Shortener API service
  • TAdvLiveCalendar: component for access to Windows Live Calendar API service
  • TAdvLiveContacts: component for access to Windows Live Contacts API service
  • TAdvWeather: component for access to weather forecast service
  • TAdvWeatherLocationLookupProvider: component that can perform lookup based on the available locations the Wunderground weather service provides weather data for
  • TAdvCloudLookupEdit: edit control with lookup dropdown showing matches while typing
  • TAdvGoogleLookupProvider: component that can perform lookup on a partial string for the most frequently used Google search terms
  • TAdvGoogleLocationLookupProvider: component that can perform address lookup based on Google Maps address data
  • TAdvCloudImage: component to display images from an URL



  • Get information on the current weather status for a location
  • Get information on a 4 day weather forecast
  • Get information on a 10 day weather forecast  

TMS Cloud Pack

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TMS Cloud Pack

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