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Delphi Parser

The Delphi Parser, is a technology that is able to automatically read a large scale source code of , millions of lines of code in thousands of files, scan it, map it, identify objects, link between Modules, Objects and Forms, DB Scheme & the actual code, and based on given rules, replace the old code with a new one.

The Delphi Parser is a rule based technology, specially designed to be customized according to each clients’ needs, and migrate millions lines of code, quickly & easily, pain-free, with no human errors, better than any development team can do.
The Delphi Parser can reach the line of code and make any kind of change – add, remove or modify the code.

The Delphi Parser also knows how to connect to the database, read queries & data schemas tables & stored procedures, and to make changes in the components of the database code itself, and update existing hard coded SQL queries code, if needed.


Delphi Parser

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Delphi Parser

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